December 4, 2021

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Where to Find Reliable StarCraft Game Maps

Where to Find Reliable StarCraft Game Maps

Are you in search of some StarCraft Maps to play?

Do you know the difference between a melee map and a UMS map?

Here are some guidelines to help you.

First and foremost, I have to say that I just LOVE StarCraft! It’s one of the best games I have ever played and a very successful game!

Let’s continue to the topic at hand, Where do lavagame  you find reliable StarCraft Maps?

A reliable SC map is considered a map that is published by either Blizzard Entertainment themselves or some other website affiliated by or endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment. These are the most reliable maps ever. Sometimes you will find other maps online which are categorized by “Melee Map” or “UMS”(Use Map Setting) these are Maps which are sometimes created by other people to share with the community. These maps may not always be the most reliable maps but they are good too.

Recently, Since StarCraft II has been released, a new kind of map is now being published for it called sc2map extension. you can use the new editor that comes with StarCraft II (A.K.A Galaxy Editor) to convert old extension maps (e.g. SCX or SCM) to the new sc2map type of map – Be advised, the Legacy Converter inside the galaxy editor can only convert Terrain, it does not convert triggers and units, all of those will have to be rebuilt from scratch.

On a final note, have you ever tested your hand with map-making? The art of it involves a lot of skills like seeing the big picture, triggers, art for making the terrain, imagination to make it interesting and not “empty”. In StarCraft II, there are a lot of new features to create maps from, like a planet which every few minutes the earth erupts with lava! and every units who was there is dead on spot and covered with lava, isn’t that cool?

You should definitely give it a try at the very least, it might be a bit difficult at first because The Editor is not really the most user-friendly tool, but still an awesome one!