December 4, 2021

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Fun, Easy and Inexpensive Games for Kid’s Birthday Parties

Fun, Easy and Inexpensive Games for Kid’s Birthday Parties

Searching for some fun, easy and inexpensive kid’s party games?

Some spend boat-loads of money on store bought party games. Others waste hours sorting through tiny game pieces and pages of instructions.

But now you can put all of those worries behind you. Here’s some fun, easy and inexpensive games that your kids will love. Plus, everything you need is probably already around your house.

Mummy Races: All you need for this game is 2-3 rolls of  lavagame  toilet paper for each team. Divide the group into equal teams. Have each group choose someone to become a mummy. When each team has chosen a mummy, explain that the first team to completely wrap their mummy in toilet paper and sit down wins the game. Remind everyone to leave holes for their mummy to see and breathe. Once you have declared a winner, mention that you’ll also be assigning bonus points to the team that puts all of their toilet paper in the trash. Assigning bonus points in this way is a fun and easy way to get the kids to clean up the space for the next game. It’ll also give you a way to give the other teams points and declare everyone a winner.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey: You can purchase this game at your local party store. You can also make it inexpensively on your own. To make the game, you’ll need the following art supplies: paper, markers, scissors, tape, sticky tack, and a blindfold. First, draw a picture of a donkey (without a tail). Stick the picture of the donkey to the wall. Draw a tail and cut it out. Put some adhesive (sticky tack works well) on the tail so that it can stick to the picture. To prepare, have the children line up in a straight line in front of the picture. Explain that the goal of the game is to pin the tail on the donkey. Blindfold the first person in line, and gently spin him around. Give the participant the tail and ask him to try pinning it on the donkey. Continue until everyone has had a turn. Instead of pinning a tail on a donkey, you could adapt this game to your child’s birthday party theme: children could try sticking a nose on a picture of a clown, a rabbit in a hat, or a candle on a cake. The adaptations you come up with are only limited by your imagination!

Don’t Step on the Lava!: In this game, participants have fun while using their imaginations, problem solving skills, and team work. All you need is 6 pieces of printer paper. To prepare, mark the start and finishing lines. Have 8-10 children stand in a straight line behind the start line. Give the first person in line 6 pieces of printer paper. Explain that the objective of the game is for the entire group to get from start to finish without touching the ground. If your foot is on a piece of paper, then you’re safe; however, if your foot touches the ground, then you have to return to the starting line. For children over 8 years old, you can make the game even more challenging by adding the following rule: once a piece of paper touches the ground, a foot must be touching it. If a paper is placed on the ground without a foot, then the paper will be swept (taken) away by the lava (you).